Your Mobile D.I.Y. School

Do it yourself workshops for beginners

Do it yourself workshops for beginners

YOU can do it too!

Workshops in real life

Specifically tailored for beginners

Learn hands on how to use the most common tools and
to solve basic tasks in and around your flat or house.

Come kickstart your D.I.Y. skills!

Join a workshop on my planned route,
or get me to come to your place and make
a workshop for you and your friends.

for beginners

You, who is an absolute newbie or a beginner with few knowledge will get the most out of my workshops.

Wether you thrive best in a gender specific or in a mixed group, you will find the right workshop for your preference.

Basic skills
in D.I.Y.

You will be enabled to tackle the basic maintenance and home improvement skills, as well as many other skills.

You will no longer have to ask or hire someone to hang pictures, shelfs or mirrors, to repair your bicycle, to adjust your closet doors and so much more.

in Europe

You can choose one of the workshops on my route through Europe or request to add a route point yourself. Workshops can be arranged at any place in Europe, according to your wishes.

Please check the map to locate a workshop or contact me to add a pin at your place.


As I go with the seasons of mother earth, you will most likely find my workshops more south in the winters and more north in the summers. Special agreements are always possible.

Please check the calendar for details.

Ready to tame some tools?

Explore the different workshop topics!

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